Introduction to our Foundations.

Many every day people see and use psychics to try to help them understand issues in life or to try to settle final messages with deceased loved ones. Magick and conjure rituals have been performed over many thousands of years, a clear example of a thriving occult empire is the Egyptian rulers and it's Pharaohs who worshipped powerful deities.

Many ancient magickal Grimoires also outline demons and their capabilities and discuss different ways in which you can try to contact them, albeit a very dangerous endeavour of which can ultimately end in the death of a conjurer.

A well known magickal legend was King Solomon who bound 72 goetic demons to work his desires and to build his empire without hindrance.

Pacts (mutually beneficial deals).

These days many people form pacts with deities in exchange for mutual services. This can be a complex task and a lifelong pact is usually more beneficial than a short term one-off pact.

Choosing the correct demon to make a pact with will come as second nature to you as if you are already feeling 'drawn' to a particular one, then this usually means that the demon already knows you are a useful 'mutually beneficial match'. Additionally if you are reading this now then be sure a demon has already put you on a path for you to find them.

For this reason you should now also be aware and understand that whichever demon it is, it is already happy to make a pact with you as it will have been recently stalking and studying you without your knowledge. Sometimes this can explain any recent deja vu or weird unusual coincidences that may have occured to you, that's of course if it has already been trying to obtain your full attention - it may have just been watching you secretly.

Additionally the demon now knows how and where they can help you in your life in return for something it knows for sure that you can help them with. It also knows that you would be already willing to accept the offered terms without a doubt as they can read your mind and they know your desires and what you would agree to or not. In simpler terms, demons know everything and it already knows you.

Demons are NOT bad.

Demons also suffer alot of bad accusations and misrepresentated accusations. This is due to the normal life human fear of the unknown. It is natural for people to be scared of what they cannot control nor see. Demons that have been reported to have harmed or possessed people are have simply been aggrovated or mistreated and only do so for a provoked reason. It is not advisable to mistreat a demon entity or even a deceased human spirit as they too can be harmful.

Just like with humans there are good and bad people. Some people say others are 'bad' but unless you have your own experience with a person, you should never and cannot truly take someone elses word for it. The same goes for demons and entities.

How we can help.

We have many years of pact making on behalf of every day people clients to corporate executive clients and we are personal advisors to a number of corporate CEOs.. Such like when King Arthur employed the services of the Great Wizard Merlin.

Once you decide what it is you desire to have or achieve in life, simply order your chosen Legion Pact level and we will form the official binding pact on your behalf for you and you will then have also joined our exclusive demonic legion too.

Inexperienced conjurers/everyday people summoning such powerful demons can ultimately die from trying to encounter such demons for their own gain. Demons do not accept being used. We have been conjuring for many years and have formed powerful relationships with numerous powerful demons. Our service takes the extreme danger out of very dark black magick demon summoning for everyday people so that they can still form mutually beneficial pacts without any hassle or potential initial danger.

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